Q.6.A And Other Places

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â? In the following pages I have tried to set down as faithfully as I can some of the impressions which remain to me now of three yearsâ?? service in France and Flanders. I have naturally suppressed


much of the grim and ghastly horrors that were shared by all in the fighting area. A narrative must be written from some point of view, and I have had to select my own. I regret that so much personal and trivial incident should appear. Perhaps some will be able to see through the gross egotistical covering and get a glimpse, however faint, of the deeds of deathless heroism performed by my beloved comrades-the officers and men of the 7th Northumberland Fusiliers, the officers and men of the 149th Infantry Brigade, the officers and men of the 50th Division. The climax of the story is the battle on the Somme where so many dear friends have perished. The name is taken from a spot where a small party of the 7th N. F. did something long afterwards to avenge their fallen comrades. �

Q.6.A And Other Places
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