"pig-Headed" Sailor Men

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Crossing from Holyhead to Ireland one night the captain of the steamerand myself, during an hour's talk on the bridge, found that we each hadsailed in a certain Australian coasting steamer more than t


wenty yearsbefore--he as chief officer and I as passenger; and her shipwreck oneChristmas Eye (long after), which was attended by an appalling loss oflife, led us to talk of "pig-headed" skippers generally. His experienceswere large, and some of his stories were terrible even to hear, otherswere grotesquely humorous, and the memory of that particularly pleasantpassage across a sea as smooth as a mill pond, has impelled me toretell some of the incidents I related to him of my own adventures withobstinate, self-willed, or incapable captains.

"pig-Headed" Sailor Men
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