Random Rhymes And Odd Numbers

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nd Death, and my Auto, Merry of mood we three, Went for a spin one morning, Friendly as friends could be. "Pouff! Pouff! Pouff!" said my Auto, And old Death winked at me. Me, and Death, and my Auto, Sped with a strength divine, Women, and men, and babies, Fell in our deadly line. "Hit! Hit! Hit!" said my Auto. "Bully!" said Death, "they're mine!" Me, and Death, and my Auto, Zipped like a shot through the town While I directed the lever And the Auto carried 'em down; But Death sat back on the cushions And whistled and waved his crown Me, and Death, and my Auto, Were stopped by a cop on the hill. "Ten dollars fine," said the copper, "For faith ye have sped to kill." "True," said Death, with a chuckle, "But the pleasure is worth the bill." SPRING IN WALL STREET The long green bills are sprouting All down the peaceful blocks; A cascade falls among the walk And trickles through the stocks; The tender lambs still gamble On almost anything, While the woodland bear deserts his lair To sniff the scent of spring. The market breeze grows "active" And hope is "ruling strong." Once more is heard the plunger-bird, Who lifts his cotton song -- The song that tells the story Of some forgotten king Who played a lot, until he got A tumble in the spring. Spring wheat and corn are growing Around the Stock Exchange, Where the shepherds keep the foolish sheep A-nibbling fodder strange, The blithe, bucolic brokers A scale of prices sing, And this is all so natural You're sure that it is spring. A DIALOGUE OF DISDAIN You woik? Don't make me laff, me face is weary! So you're de mutt dey've hired to bust de strike -- Say, if de State...

Random Rhymes And Odd Numbers
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