Randy of the River

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Living on a river steamboat is not that romantic as some young people might think. There is not just picturesque landscape and star sky, but also a plenty of hard work, and remuneration for it is not


that great. But Randy, who left home where he didn't feel happy, longed for work and agreed to take what was offered. In the end he achieved success, and his example shows that it is better to do what one finds to do than to fold our hands and remain inactive, and the idle person is sure, sooner or later, to get into serious trouble. A fabulous story told among a richly described backdrop of Americana. This novel (well, like all the other Alger's masterpieces) is written in a great language and reading it is a pure pleasure. This story is delivered with enthusiasm and excitement. Fool of good ideas and life lessons, "Randy of the River" will definitely become one of your favorite books.

Randy of the River
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