Readings in the History of Education

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ceeding one hundred pounds a man, shall be free from all country taxes or rates whatsoever, and none others.1 And furthermore, for the greater encouragement of the Seminary of learning, and that the same may be amply endowed and enfranchised with the same privileges, dignities, and immunities enjoyed by the American colleges, and European universities, We do grant, enact, ordain, and declare, and it is hereby granted, enacted, ordained, and declared, That the College estate, the estates, persons, and families of the President and Professors, for the time being, lying, and being within the Colony, with the persons of the Tutors and students, during their residence at the College, shall be freed and exempted from all taxes, serving on juries, and menial services : And that the persons aforesaid shall be exempted from bearing arms, impresses, and military services, except in case of an invasion." Exemption from " watchings and wardings," and from "military services, except in case of an invasion," is not included in the list of privileges cited in the preceding sections, but it was often conferred on mediaeval universities in almost the exact terms of these charters. 5. The Initiative Of Civil Or Ecclesiastical Powers Many universities originated without the express initiative of any civil or ecclesiastical power. They either grew up slowly, as in the cases of Bologna and Paris, or established themselves quickly through a migration of students from some other university, as in the cases of Padua, Vercelli, and Leipzig; but in either event the charters which gave them standing as Studia Gene- ralia, and the privileges emanating from imperial, royal, 1 Charter of Harvard College, 1650. 3 Charter of Brown University, 1764. princely, or papal author... --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

Readings in the History of Education
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