Recollections of Abraham Lincoln 1847 1865

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This book based on the notes made by Ward Lamon and published by his daughter is devoted to the life of Abraham Lincoln. This one of the most greatest figures in the American history, asked his old fr


iend and law partner Ward Lamon to be close to him when he was elected as the President of the United States. Lamon moved from Springfield to Washington and spent there several years doing dangerous job and being completely devoted to his friend. He was always ready to help Lincoln and make him happier, especially during the year of the Civil War. This work is considered to be one of the best stories about Abraham Lincoln because it is based on the memories of such a close to the President person. The book is also valuable as it opens readers' eyes on controversial historical events that influences later the whole course of the history, for example, a visit to Charleston during the secession crisis, and Lincoln’s foreboding dreams. The book would be interesting for historian and everyone who is fond of such a titanic figure in the American as Abraham Lincoln.

Recollections of Abraham Lincoln 1847 1865
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