Red Moon

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terri says:Definitely not your typical werewolf novel.Set in a world where werewolves (or lycans) live amongst humans but are forced to take drugs in order to control their transformations, inevitably... this causes hostility between species. When terrorist attacks are performed by a lycan resistance force, new laws come in to play and it all spirals out of control.The book is centred on the stories of Claire, a college student who has no idea about her parents past until it comes back to haunt them changing her life forever, and Patrick, the sole survivor of the first terrorist attack who's father is in the military fighting in the Lycan Republic. These two people meet by chance and this encounter has repercussions for both of them.This book started off a little bit slow and I did find that it dragged a little bit in the middle but overall I enjoyed the plot and pace :)MoreLess
Red Moon
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This book is really good I like it

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I love the book

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I'm gonna cum all over my face after reading this

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Rishniipanda18 a year ago

I think this book is really good

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I don't think that good

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says the one who cannot use proper English. Just kidding, I just had to point that out XD
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