Redemption the Song of the Spirit of Hiram And Other Poems

Cover of book Redemption the Song of the Spirit of Hiram And Other Poems
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PIRIT OF HIRAM. Tupemi Porse a qunta ruina "?Dante. Alone, with desolate vastness around, The Spirit of Hiram in majesty stood, In the gloom of decay, by the Tyrian flood, But where were his princes and palaces found ? The tenantless region his eye could not scan ; The ocean roll'd over where monarchs had frown'd ; When Tyre was the pride and the glory of man, And man, in his foolishness, God would he crown'd! -Vow stood he, his purple the sport of the air, (2) With none to bow down to his glorified brow; A trembler?and sung, in the depth of despair, Of Hiram and Tyre in their glory and woe:? SONG. ' Queen of the Ocean, now no more, 3 ' Arise! I'd see thee as of yore, ' When Hiram, in imperial state, ' Amidst his thousand Princes sate; ' And Tyre, as from a charmed birth, ' The fairest city of the earth, ' Rose from the bosom of that deep, ' Does o'er her now so reckless sweep. ' I love to swell the glorious theme, ' As poets of the mighty dream; ' To chronicle in burning song ' The past as with a prophet-tongue : ' Yes, 1 could dwell upon the strain ' Till Tyre and Hiram were again, ' Great as when first from greatness hurl'd ' The king and mistress of the world;? ' Till all the well-remember'd scene ' Again were fair as it has been, ' Which like an Arab vision shone ' Around a universal throne, ' When Hiram's was the princely dow'r ' Of beauty, valour, wealth, and power, ' Such as the Tyrians own'd of yore, ' Such as the Tyrians know no more : ' Such as upon an ocean-throne, ' As if they'd have all others prone, ' Proudly thy builders bade thee rise ' Before the world's adoring eyes: ' Such as when Macedonia's lord ' Assail'd thee with his conquering sword; ' And Arvad's warriors were thy shie... --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Redemption the Song of the Spirit of Hiram And Other Poems
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