Richard Mansfield the Man And the Actor

Cover of book Richard Mansfield the Man And the Actor
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This is a biography of a famous actor Richard Mansfield written by his admirer Paul Wilstach which was published one year later after Mansfield's death in 1908. The actor was never shot by a movie cam


era. It is even more interesting that Mansfield did not like to be photographed in a costume but, of course, he had no choice. The actor was born in Berlin in 1857. When he was a child, he moved with his mother to America. There he got interested in acting and took part in his first performances known as "A Parisian Romance" and "Prince Karl". After that Mansfield's career was getting more and more successful with every year. When the actor was in his forties, the actor became seriously ill which interrupted his performances. Richard Mansfield died at the age of fifty. This book should be recommended for everyone who is interested in the life and work of such a famous personality as Richard Mansfield.

Richard Mansfield the Man And the Actor
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