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James McCarroll (also wrote as: Scian Dubh and Terry Finnegan) (1814-1892) was a Canadian author. His works include: Letters of Terry Finnegan (1863), Ridgeway: An Historical Romance of the Fenian Inv


asion of Canada (1868) and Madeline, And Other Poems (1889). “In the dark, English crucible of seven hundred years of famine, fire and sword, the children of Ireland have been tested to an intensity unknown to the annals of any other people. From the days of the second Henry down to those of the last of the Georges, every device that human ingenuity could encompass or the most diabolical spirit entertain, was brought to bear upon them, not only with a view to insuring their speedy degradation, but with the further design of accomplishing ultimately the utter extinction of their race. ”

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