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derstood the questions. Chapteb VII. The Gladiator. " How did you know what it was that that man asked you ? " asked Rollo. " I knew from the circumstances of the case," replied Mr. George. "The first question I knew must be whether we wished to go up ; and the second, whether we wished him to go with us." " What do you suppose they keep the gate locked for ? " asked Rollo. " So as to make us pay when we come down," said Mr. George. " Do you suppose they mean to make us pay ? " asked Rollo. " They will not make us, exactly," said Mr. George; "but they will expect something, no doubt. There may be another reason, however, why they keep the gate locked ; and that is, to prevent children and stragglers from going up, where they might fall and break their necks at some of the exposed and dangerous places." Dangerous places. The travellers in the corridors. " Do you suppose that there are dangerous places up here?" asked Rollo. " Yes," said Mr. George ; " I suppose there are a great many ; and I advise you to be very careful where you go." The flight of stairs where Mr. George and Rollo were ascending was very broad ; and it was formed of the long, flat bricks, such as Rollo had observed below. The bricks were placed edgewise. " I suppose that these steps were covered with slabs of marble, in old times," said Rollo. " Probably," said Mr. George ; " either with marble, or some other harder stone." After ascending some distance, Rollo, who went forward, came out upon the landing which led to a range of corridors in the second story, as it were. There were several of these corridors, running side by side, all along the building. On one side, you could pass through arches, and come out to the platforms where the seats had original...

Rollo in Rome
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