Rosa Mundi And Other Stories

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This book is a great romantic collection of 4 stories. This is a perfect example of a love story - wildly romantic without ever getting pornographic. Exciting and breathless stories where real men are


looking for real women. I’s hard to believe that Dell Ethel May wrote this quite a long time ago, but probably those were the days when passion, love, excitement were real! Some plots involve, abduction, and forced temptation but these will end with salvation and happiness. The book is written in delightful language, the characters are believable in their actions, and the story line and plot just as exciting as it was eighty years ago when it was written. It's a romance but much better written and imagined than what we can find in the current crop of romance novels. This is a perfect example of romantic novel full of passion, true love and real emotions.

Rosa Mundi And Other Stories
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