Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill

Cover of book Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill
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Alice B. Emerson's "Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill (or, Jasper Parloe's Secret)" is a classic work read by book lovers, students and scholars. This is a special edition which exposes readers to a varie


ty of English phrases and terminology from this genre. While the text is in English, the "click and translate" thesaurus, in Spanish, is a perfect tool for Spanish speakers who need to enjoy this English-language classic, and also learn English words. If you are a non-English speaker, you can use this version to help you improve your vocabulary in preparation of English-language tests. While designed for Spanish speakers wishing to learn English, English-speakers wanting to pick up Spanish vocabulary may also find the Spanish thesaurus feature of interest (the text is entirely in English, only the pop-up thesaurus is in Spanish).

Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill
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