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Sabotage, originally published in 1913, covers the types of sabotage and how the capitalists and workers use it in its various forms. The preface by Kerr highlights the debate in the Socialist Party o


n ?Section Six? ? the expulsion of any member from the Socialist Party if that member commits a crime or advocates the use of force or violence. What is Sabotage? Sabotage is: A. Any conscious and willful act on the part of one or more workers intended to slacken and reduce the output of production in the industrial field, or to restrict trade and reduce the profits in the commercial field, in order to secure from their employers better conditions or to enforce those promised or maintain those already prevailing, when no other way of redress is open. B. Any skillful operation on the machinery of production intended not to destroy it or permanently render it defective, but only to temporarily disable it and to put it out of running condition in order to make impossible the work of scabs and thus to secure the complete and real stoppage of work during a strike.

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