Samantha At the St. Louis Exposition

Cover of book Samantha At the St. Louis Exposition
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excerpt from the book...I had noticed for some time that Josiah Allen had acted queer. He wouldseem lost in thought anon or oftener, and then seemin'ly roust himselfup and try to act natural.And anon


he would drag his old tin chest out from under the backstairway and pour over musty old deeds and papers, drawed up by hisgreat-grandpa mebby.He did this last act so often that I said to him one day, "What underthe sun do you find in them yeller old papers to attract you so,Josiah?"But he looked queer at me, queer as a dog, as if he wuz lookin' throughme to some distant view that interested him dretfully, and answeredevasive, and mebby he wouldn't answer at all.

Samantha At the St. Louis Exposition
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