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Catharine Anne Warfield, nee Ware (1816-1877), was a Southern writer of poetry and fiction, who along with her sister Eleanor, was first in the line of Percy family authors. They published two volumes


together as "The Two Sisters of the West", The Wife of Leon (1843) and The Indian Chamber (1846). The poetry met with moderate success, though it is today criticized as par for its time, relying heavily on many of the day's gothic and sentimental contrivances. In 1860 she published anonymously as "A Southern Lady", The Household of Bouverie, a gothic fiction in two volumes which achieved great popular success. Warfield was praised as "Shakespearean, " one contemporary writer claiming, "Of living female authors, we can openly class Mrs. Warfield with George Sand and George Eliot. " After the Civil War, Warfield, under her own name, wrote eight more novels, the two most popular being Ferne Fleming (c1877) and its sequel The Cardinal's Daughter (c1877); however, no work would ever again meet the same degree of success as her first hit. Amongst her other works are: The Romance of Beauseincourt: An Episode (1867), Miriam Monfort (1873) and Sea and Shore (c1876).

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