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These tales have their scenes laid in Silesia and Bohemia. For centuries they have come down in the shape of tradition from generation to generation. Silesia, the land of their birth, has had an event


ful history. Originally a part of Poland, it was drawn under the influence of the German king, Frederick Barbarossa, about 1163. Many names of places suggest that the original population was Celtic. For four centuries it was almost continuously under the domination of Bohemia. It was annexed to that country about 1472. It was finally added to Prussia by Frederick the Great. Bohemia derives its name from a Celtic tribe. It forms the borderline between the German and Slavonic races. Rubezahl, the hero of these tales is a spirit prince and exercises supreme authority over all other gnomes in his district. He is superior to them in many particulars. What his real appearance is no one really knows. He can make himself so beautiful that Apollo is ugly in comparison. On the other hand, he may, and he often does, assume an appearance so terrible that old women hurriedly mutter a fervent prayer, brave men take to flight, and young maidens sink in unconsciousness. His character is as changeable as his form. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Silesian Folk Tales the
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