Soldiers of the Light

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ON THE HILL A Ballad of 'Ninety-Eight The soul of the fair young man sprang up From the earth where his body lay, And he was aware of a grim dark soul Companioning his way. "Who are you, brother?" the fair soul said; "We wing together still!" And the soul replied, that was swart and red, "The spirit of him who shot you dead By the blockhouse on the hill. "Your men and you on the crest were first, And the last foe left was I; In the crackle of rifles I dropped and cursed, Lightning-struck as the cheer outburst And the hot charge panted nigh. "You saw me writhe at the side of the trench: You bade?I know not what: With one last gnash, with one last wrench, I sped my last, sure shot. "The thing that lies on the sodden ground Like a wrack of the whirlwind's track, Your men have made of the body of me,? But they could not call you back! "In that black game I won, I won! But had you worked your will, Speak now the shame that you would have done By the blockhouse on the hill!" "God judge my men!" said the fair young soul; "He knows you tried them sore. Had He given me power to bide an hour I had wrought that they forbore. "I bade them, ere your bullet brought This swift, this sweet release, To bear your body out of the fire That you might pass in peace." Said the grim dark soul, "Farewell, farewell, Farewell 'twixt you and me, Till they set red Judas loose from hell To kneel at the Lord Christ's knee!" "Not so, not so," said the fair young soul, "But reach me out your hand: We two will kneel at the Lord Christ's knee, And He that was hanged on the cruel tree Will remember and understand. "We two will pray at the Lord Christ's knee That never on earth again The breath ...

Soldiers of the Light
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