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ld not take in that ' Those peacock no good, carboys much better,' referred to pickaxes and crowbars. He used to come to the diggings and say : ' A couble of Sheikhs come here in camp, Sahib. I am standing them some coffee ; shall I stand them some mixed biscuits, too ? ' I must say I pity foreigners who have to trust to interpreters whose only European language is such English as this. With the whole of our party we embarked on the steamer which took us to Bahrein, or rather as close as it could approach ; for, owing to the shallowness of the sea, while still far from shore we were placed in a baggala in which we sailed for about twenty minutes. Then when a smaller boat had conveyed us as near to the dry land as possible, we were in mid-ocean transferred, bag and baggage, to asses, those lovely white asses of Bahrein with tails and manes dyed yellow with henna, and grotesque patterns illuminating their flanks ; we had no reins or stirrups, and as the asses, though more intelligent than our own, will not unfrequently show obstinacy in the water, the rider, firmly grasping his pommel, reaches with thankfulness the slimy, oozy beach of Bahrein. Manamah is the name of the town at which you land ; it is the commercial capital of the islands?just a streak of white houses and bamboo huts, extending about a mile and a half along the shore. A few mosques with low minarets may be seen, having stone steps up one side, by which the priest ascends for the call to prayer. These mosques and the towers of the richer pearl merchants show some decided architectural features, having arches of the Saracenic order, with fretwork of plaster and quaint stucco patterns. On landing we were at once surrounded by a jabbrring crowd of negro slaves, and stately Arabs with long... --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Southern Arabia
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