Sprays of Shamrock

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Clinton Scollard (1860-1932) was an American poet and voluminous writer. In 1881 he graduated at Hamilton College. Then he continued his study at Harvard University and at Cambridge, England. He was P


rofessor of English Literature at Hamilton College, 1888-96. His works include: Pictures in Song (1884), With Reed and Lyre (1888), Old and New World Lyrics (1888), Songs of Sunrise Lands (1892), The Hills of Song (1895), The Lutes of Morn (1901), Lyrics of the Dawn (1902), Ballads of Valor and Victory (1903), The Lyric Bough (1904), A Southern Flight (1905), Pro Patria: Verses Chiefly Patriotic (1909), Chords of the Zither (1910), From the Lips of the Sea (1911), Sprays of Shamrock (1914), Poems (1914), Italy in Arms (1915), The Vale of Shadows (1915) and The Singing Heart (1934).

Sprays of Shamrock
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