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Captain Henry Taprell Dorling (1883-1963) was a British author and Naval Captain who also wrote under the pseudonym Taffrail. His works include: Stand By! (1916), Carry On!: Naval Sketches and Stories


(1916), Ribbons and Medals: The Worldâ??s Military and Civil Awards (1916), Pincher Martin O. D. (1916), Sea, Spray and Spindrift: Naval Yarns (1917), Men oâ?? War (1929), Endless Story (1931), Seventy North (1934), Second Officer (1935), The Shetland Plan (1939), The Navy in Action (1940), The Navy is Here: A Convoy of Naval Novels (1940), Chenies (1943), Sea Escapes and Adventures (1943), Western Mediterranean, 1942-1945 (1947), Toby Shad (1949) and Arctic Convoy (1956).

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