Stories By American Authors volume V

Cover of book Stories By American Authors volume V
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"A collection of short stories contributed ... to periodicals, or included in publications ... not easily accessible."--Pub. note v. 1. Taylor, B. Who was she? Matthews, B., and Bunner, H. C. The docu


ments in the case. Bishop, W. H. One of the thirty pieces. Davis, Rebecca H. Ballacchi brothers. Webster A. An operation in money.--v. 2. Stockton, F. R. The transferred ghost. Jacobi, Mary P. A martyr to science. [Stimson, F. J.] Mrs. Knollys, by J. S. of Dale. Eddy, J. A dinner party. Spofford, Harriet P. The Mount of sorrow. Tincker, Mary A. Sister Silvia.--v. 3. Hale, Lucretia P. The spider's eye. Burnett, Frances H. A story of the Latin Quarter. Lathrop, G. P. Two purse-companions. Lloyd, D. D. Poor Ogla-Moga. Thaxter, Celia. A memorable murder. Matthews, B. Venetian glass.--v. 4. Woolson, Constance F. Miss Grief. Bunner, H. C. Love in old cloathes [!] Willis, N. P. Two buckets in a well. Foote, Mary H. Friend Barton's concern. De Forest, J. W. An inspired lobbyist. Brooks, N. Lost in the fog

Stories By American Authors volume V
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