Story of Waitstill Baxter

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“At one of the falls on the Saco, the two little hamlets of Edgewood and Riverboro nestle together at the bridge and make one village. The stream is a wonder of beauty just here; a mirror of placid lo


veliness above the dam, a tawny, roaring wonder at the fall, and a mad, white-flecked torrent as it dashes on its way to the ocean”.
Written by an American educator and author children's stories Kate Douglas Wiggin. Her other works include Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm, The Diary of a Goose Girl, The Flag-Raising, The Old Peabody Pew, books of the Penelope series, etc. While she had had no children of her own, she left behind a legacy of devotion and commitment to bettering the lives of children everywhere in her stories and life's work.

Story of Waitstill Baxter
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