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George Looms (1886-1926) was the American author of: Stubble (1922) and John-No-Brawn (1923). "The front gate screaked, a slow, timid, almost furtive sort of screak, and then banged suddenly shut as t


hough it despaired of further concealment. Mary Louise gathered her sewing to her, rose to her feet, and looked out. It was raining. Through the glass upper half of the door that opened from the sitting room upon the side porch she could see the swelling tendrils of the vines that crawled about the trellis, heavy and beady with the gathering moisture. It was one of those cold, drizzly, early April rains that dares you by its seeming futility to come forth and do weaponless battle and then sends you back discomfited and drenched. "

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