Studies in Humanism

Cover of book Studies in Humanism
Studies in Humanism
Schiller, F. C. S. (Ferdinand Canning Scott), 1864-1937
Categories: Nonfiction

Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. "Of the essays which compose this volume about half have appeared in various periodica


ls, Mind, The Hibbert Journal, The Quarterly Review, The Fortnightly Review, and The Journal of Philosophy, during the past three years."- Pref Preface--I. The definition of pragmatism and humanism--II. From Plato to Protagoras.--III. The relations of logic and psychology.--IV. Truth and Mr. Bradley.--V. The ambiguity of truth.--VI. The nature of truth.--VII. The making of truth.--VIII. Absolute truth and absolute reality.--XI. Empiricism and the absolute.--X. Is absolute idealism solipsistic? XI. Absolutism and the dissociation of personality.--XII. Absolutism and religion.--XIII. The papyri of Philonous, I-II.--XIV. I. Protogoras the humanist.--XV. II A dialogue concerning gods and priests.--XVI. Faith, reason, and religion.--XVII. The progress of psychical research.--XVIII. Freedom.--XIX. The making of reality.--XX. Dreams and idealism.-- Index

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