Talents, Incorporated

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Charlatans or Prophets? At best, the small Kandarian Air Fleet would fight until its last ship was blown into infinity. At worst, it would be demolished. Young Captain Bors didn’t even think about the


second option. The cruel Dictator of Mekin had already conquered twenty-two helpless planets. Now he wanted Kandar's unconditional surrender, or his greatly superior forces would blast it out of existence. It took a lot of powers, and the hope that is frequently born of despair, for a military man like Bors to throw in his lot with ‘Talents, Incorporated’, which is a new, unscientific organization. Through certain gifts of extra-sensory perception, its personnel could, their leader insisted, out-think and out-guess even the most implacable dictator in the history of mankind. Could it?

Talents, Incorporated
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