The Adventures of Little Bewildered Henry

Cover of book The Adventures of Little Bewildered Henry
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'The Adventures of Little Bewildered Henry' is an amazing novel about sorrow and misfortunes. This is the book that will definitely change you life and make you look at the world with different eyes.


Here is an excerpt from the book: 'And now night came on, and the wind blew strong and cold; and little Henry, quite bewildered, turned into a narrow path, shaded by oak, and elm, and sycamore trees, and the baby again tripped against the root of one of them, and fell; and his little hand came against a stone, and he was much hurt, and his heart beat, and the tears streamed down one of the prettiest little faces that ever was seen, and the wind blew his pretty hair off his forehead, and it would go to your very heart to hear his little mournful cry, calling out for his mamma, his own dear mamma'.

The Adventures of Little Bewildered Henry
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