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EX The Advertising Index is devoted to fundamentals. It is written for the Advertising Profession?as a guide to its craftsmen, without regard to the use they are mak- ing of their knowledge. Every well-conducted Advertising Department will, in addition, carefully maintain a file of information re- lating to its particular products. The advertising man for the grocery will have at his finger's tips, the history and use of everything sold in the store?from sugar to Russian Caviar. The writer for the department store, for the motor car manufac- turer, for the tobacconist?each will have his particular data available. chapter{Section 4THE FILE AND FOLDERS The Index classifications have been numbered for a double purpose. First: to make reference easy; and sec- ond, to insure that you number your folders. This is particularly important. Do not attempt to find your folders by alphabetical sequence. Depend on numbers. The mind more readily grasps the fact that "217" follows "216" than that "Pleasure" is next in alpha- betical order to "Patriotisno," under the classification of "Appeals." Second-hand folders will answer your purpose as well as new ones. If used before, they can be inverted. Folders are serviceable even if both sides have been used, for the index tab is of little importance. Old folders can be had for a nominal sum from any business house. Although it is desirable to have the classification written on the folder, its nuimber, appearing in the upper corner, is the essential?like this: An upright 4-drawer cabinet is best adapted for the file. The student may make its equivalent from packing cases. Four drawers will be ample for a long period of time. chapter{Section 5A? Appeals 1. Ambition 2. Appetite 3. Comfort 4. Lo...

The Advertising Index
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