The Anglomaniacs

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Constance Cary Harrison (1843-1920) was a prolific American writer. She was also known as Constance Cary, Constance C. Harrison, and Mrs. Burton Harrison, as well as her nom de plume, "Refugitta". She


lived in Richmond, Virginia during the American Civil War. She wrote in Southern magazines under the pen name "Refugitta". She lived with her Baltimore cousins, Hetty and Jennie; her mother served as the girls' chaperone. The three young ladies became known as the "Cary Invincibles". In 1861, they sewed the first examples of the Confederate Battle Flag. Later during the war, she assisted her mother as a nurse at Camp Winder. Among her other contributions to American Literature, Constance Cary Harrison persuaded her friend Emma Lazarus to donate a poem to the fundraising effort to pay for a pedestal for the Statue of Liberty. Her works include: The Anglomaniacs (1890), Belhaven Tales (1892), The Count and the Congressman (1908) and Recollections Grave and Gay (1911).

The Anglomaniacs
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