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S AND PERIODICALS THAT HAVE APPEARED OR ARE NOW APPEARING IN EGYPT '. 1. al'ahram ? Les Pyramides; daily, Alexandria; Basara Ba§a Taqla; Political Conservative; 1876. "Appears now daily, formerly weekly. Firstproprietor and editor Salim Bek Taqla, till the year 1310 (began 26 July 1892) in collaboration with his brother Basara Bek Taqla, who is now sole proprietor and editor; is existing since 1293 (began 28 Jan. 1876)." APansari. ? Year 22, N. 5925, Sept. 18, 1897; pp. 4 (each 7 cols.) in 66 X 50 centim. 1 For the sources from which this list has been compiled, see page 5 et seq. In Ns. 1?45 (which are arranged according to seniority), there follow after the name, first, what alagjal notes about them, without special mark and secondly AVansarl's remarks. Ns. 46?84 comprise the journals mentioned by APansarl, and not already included in Ns. 1?45. Of Ns. 85?94, I only have odd copies for which I am indebted to Mr. Iskandar Menassa. Ns. gj?168 have come under my notice by various other means (for Ns. 110?164, see note to N. no). In all cases where I have had before me one or more copies of the journal, a description of its outside appearance has been added (compare remark page 8). In case of contradictory statements (as for instance in N. 7, between the date given by APansan and others), this has not been specially commented upon. The sagacious reader will easily see which is the correct one. 2. almahrusa ? Al-Mahroussa; weekly, Cairo '; cAziz Bek Zind2; Political Moderate; 1877. "Appears now weekly under management of the proprietor Rofa0!! Efendi Zind; used to appear daily; written and edited by Jusuf Efendi Asaf and Chalil Efendi An- naqqas; was started in 1294 (began Jan. 16, 1877)." APansari. ? Year 2i, N. 2212, Oct. 26, 1897; pp. 4 (each 5 cols.) ...

The Arabic Press of Egypt
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