The Avenger

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Edward Phillips Oppenheim (1866-1946) is a recognized English novelist and author. He was born in London in a poor family. At the age of sixteen Edward was forced to leave school to help his father in


his job of a leather merchant. After the death of his father, Oppenheim understood that he did not want to continue the profession of his father and got concentrated on writing. And a number of readers fascinated with his amazing novels support him in this decision. Some of Oppenheim's works include the followoing: England and Canada Expiation (1887); Monk of Cruta (1894), Mysterious Mr Sabin (1898), A Millionaire of Yesterday (1900), The Yellow Crayon (1903), The Malefactor (1906), Jeanne Of The Marshes (1909), The Illustrious Prince (1910), Havoc (1911), and The Tempting of Tavernake (1912) and many others. The Avenger was written in 1908 and since then the book has not lost its charm and success among many generations of readers.

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