The Baviad And Maeviad

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Yes, I Did say that Crusca's " true sublime" Lack'd taste, and sense, and every thing but rhyme; That Arno's " easy strains" were coarse and rough, And Edwin's " matchless numbers" woeful stuff. Imitations. HORACE, Sat. X. Lib. I. (a) Nempe incomposito dixi pede cuftere versus Lucili. Quis tarn Lucili fautor inepte est, Ut non hoc fateatur ? Notes. Crusca's " true sublime." The words between inverted commas in this and the following verses, are Mr. Bell's. They contain, as the reader sees, a short character of the works to which they are respectively affixed. Though I have the misfortune to differ from this gentle- roan in the present instances, yet I observe such acutencss of perception in his general criticism, that I should haveAnd who?forgive, O gentle Bell! the word, 5 For it must out?who, prithee, so absurd, So mulishly absurd, as not to join, In this, with me; save always Thee, and Thine ! Yet still, the Soul of candour! I allow'd, Their jingling elegies amused the crowd (b); 10 That lords hung blubbering o'er each woeful line, That lady-critics wept, and cried, " divine !" IMITATIONS. (b) At idem quod sale multo Urbem defricuit, charta laudatur eadem. Nee tamen hoc tribuens dederim quoque caetera: nam sic Et Laberi mim'os, ut pulchra poemata mirer. NOTES. styled him the " profound" instead of the " gentle" Bell; if I had not previously applied the epithet to a still greater man, (absit invidia dicto,) to?Mr. T. Vaughan. I trust that this incidental preference will create no jealousy?for though, as Virgil properly remarks, " an oaken " staff Each merits:" yet I need not inform a gentleman, who, like Mr. Bell, reads Shakspeare every day after dinner, that" if two men ride upon a horse, one of them mus...

The Baviad And Maeviad
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