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This is a real masterpiece created by Sarah Grand pretty long time ago. At first sight it might seem a bit old but one you dive into the course of Beth's life, who is the main character of the book. S


he is described as a real person, very bright and vivid, with her own shortages and controdictories. She loses her Father and this brings a number of changes into her life. Beth is growing up and trying to say goodbye to her childhood and become adolecent. Her character is very controversial and many of readers understand her and many of them do not. But eventually she becomes a real woman, very charming, beautiful and strong. And this is so admirable and may serve as a very good lesson for everyone who is struggling with challenges. In many was this novel is biographical and very intelligent. It is an account not only of Beth's life but also of love, disappointmens and difficulties.

The Beth book
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