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It's really hard to write a review for this book without a bunch of spoilers. That being said if the premise of the book sounds really cool and original to you then you should pick this up now and sta


rt reading. I picked this book up on the recommendation of a friend. Instantly I was hooked on the premise. It's a really simple idea so utterly well executed that really put this one over the top for me. One day an apocalyptic event occurs and people start to lose their shadows. Once you've lost your shadow you lose all your memories. Not just your apparent memories but even your inherent memories. So unlike someone with amnesia you can indeed forget to breath one day or drink water when you're thirsty. What follows is a well paced and compelling story that follows a set of a few characters and the events of living out their lives in this shadowless world. I honestly wish I could say more than that but I feel it would just give away too much of the story. I'll say this though the book takes a lot of fun twists in it's story telling path that while some are typical or even expected the way it's told and the world that surrounds it makes it worth it. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up you will not be disappointed. This is one of the more original and fun stories I have read in a very long time.

The book of M
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Guest 5 months ago

Sad yet satisfying....
Towards the end it seemed that the amount of Shadowless and Shadowed became somewhat constant. The ending was a surprise but not unexpected. It is the type of book that you wish would have a sequel but if it did, would it be just as engaging?
I don't think that everything needed to be resolved at the end of this book. The most important thing, the protagonist's problem was resolved. The rest is just food for the mind of any very imaginative reader.

Guest 8 months ago

I really enjoyed this book for it's uniqueness. It was an action-packed page turner set in a fantastical universe. However, there are not many light- hearted moments. If you enjoy post apocalyptic-horror type novels, such as the Hunger Games then you will probably love this book. It's a really interesting concept. One of the things that make this book unique is that all the leading characters are minorities: Eastern Asian, Black, Middle Eastern, and married homosexual males.
The book however has so many minor characters that aren't well developed that it can be confusing to keep up with. My two main criticisms of the book would be that in general the characterization is not well defined, and that the book doesn't have a fluid style of readability. Much as left up to the reader guessing at the meaning of things. However, while reading the book I could easily visualize many of grand moments being translated to the big screen.-- The book does seem like a whole lot of content, which in the end all turned out to be pointless and unnecessary, but I think that was the intent of the author. Many things are. Towards the end of the book, I began to feel so nervous as I began to realize what was about to happen, and correctly predicted the ending- and it still had me shook. Over all, not the best book I've ever read, but still more riveting than most. I would definitely recommend.

Guest 8 months ago

Your book is a gift:of heart, mind and soul. Of words that inspire, engender a curious hopeful wonder. Full of possibility, of people I will not forget... anytime soon I hope .

Guest 9 months ago

From start to finish, the plot is real. Thank you Peng for taking us through this journey. Amazing work

Guest 9 months ago

Welll... it was different, but it also felt long and also unsatisfying to me in the way it ended. I come away feeling let down and too many things unresolved. not one of my faves.
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