The Briary Bush a Novel

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The Briary?Bush (1921), a sequel to Moon Calf, is concerned with Felix's career as a Chicago reporter and dramatic critic, and his life as a typical jazz?age rebel against convention, until he finally


settles down to marriage and achieves literary success. *Floyd Dell was among the most mature talents in the group of younger writers active in Greenwich Village in the period just before and after the first World War. A student of Freud, he was the first writer of stature to employ the methods of psychoanalysis in the writing of fiction. Floyd Dell was a political radical in his early years in New York, where he served as editor on The Masses and The Liberator, but he never submitted to any intellectual yoke nor participated in any "school." He has on that account often found himself out of step with his literary contemporaries not a proletarian, nor a "true" Freudian, indeed he was often assailed by one group or another as a deserter. But he has steadily retained his independence as a thinker and writer and has never compromised with fashion or with commerce......* summary from --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

The Briary Bush a Novel
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