The Brown Mask

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Percy James Brebner (1864-1922) wrote some of his books under the pseudonym Christian Lys, among which are: Suspicion (1889), A London Cobweb (1892), The Doctor's Idol (1894), The Dunthorpes of Westle


igh (1896), The Hepsworth Millions (1898), The Fortress of Yadasara (1899), The Black Card (1899) and The Mystery of Ladyplace (1900). His other famous works include: The Crucible of Circumstance (1906), Princess Maritza (1906), The Knight of the Silver Star (1907), Vayenne (1908), A Royal Ward (1909), The Testing of Olive Vaughan (1909), A Gentleman of Virginia (1910), The Brown Mask (1910), The Light That Lures (1911), The White Gauntlet (1912), The Little Grey Shoe (1913), Christopher Quarles (1914), The Turbulent Duchess (1915), The Master Detective: Being Some Further Investigations of Christopher Quarles (1916), A Gallant Lady (1919), The Ivory Disc (1920) and The Gate of Temptation (1920).

The Brown Mask
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