The Children's Six Minutes

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"For many years it has been my custom to give, every Sunday morning, a brief sermon to the boys and girls of my congregation. This sermon is never more than six minutes, often only three. As a result


there has been a growing attendance of young people at our morning worship. They are thus made to feel that they are wanted, and have a part in the Church which all too often is looked upon as a Church solely for the grownups. No part of my ministry has given me greater delight and satisfaction than the thought that I am helping to establish in the lives of many boys and girls that habit so indispensable to a steady Christian experience, namely-the habit of Sunday morning worship." Bruce Simpson Wright (1879-1942) was a Methodist clergyman. From 1915 until 1918 he was a pastor of the Union Church of Manila. His works include: The Children's Six Minutes (1922), The Symphony of Faith (1929) and Pentecost Day by Day (1930).

The Children's Six Minutes
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