The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended

Cover of book The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended
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By Sir Isaac Newton, an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian who is considered by many scholars and members of the general public to be one of t


he most influential men in human history. Many years of his life Newton devoted to historical chronology. He found out impropriety of the Scaliger-Petavius’ version of chronology after long laborious studying. Newton methodized it and offered a brief clear account, concerning ancient history. Upheld by natural-science ideas, he reorganized the Scaliger-Petavius’ version, abridging it and drawing it near our times. By this valuable, for world history and culture, treatise Newton left his time far behind. This book evoked a storm of discussion in press, though was later suppressed and per se taken out of scientific circulation.

The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended
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