The Clerk of the Woods

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Bradford Torrey (1843-1912) was an American nature writer. His works include: Birds in the Bush (1885), A Rambler’s Lease (1889), The Foot-Path Way (1892), A Florida Sketch-Book (1894), Spring Notes f


rom Tennessee (1896), Footing it in Franconia (1901), Friends on the Shelf (1906) and Field-Days in California (1913). “May is the shortest month in the year. February is at least twice as long. For a month is like a movement of a symphony; and when we speak of the length of a piece of music we are not thinking of the number of notes in it, but of the time it takes to play them. May is a scherzo, and goes like the wind. Yesterday it was just beginning, and to-day it is almost done. ”

The Clerk of the Woods
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