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OK ON THE MYSTERY Dr. Munro's acute and interesting book, Archaeology and False Antiquities? does not cover the whole of its amusing subject. False gems, coins, inscriptions, statues, and pictures are scarcely touched upon ; the author is concerned chiefly with false objects of the pre-historic and " proto- historic" periods, and with these as bearing on the Clyde controversy of 1896-1905. Out of 292 pages, at least 130 treat directly of that local dispute : others bear on it indirectly. I have taken great interest in this subject since I first heard of it by accident, in the October or November of 1898. As against Dr. Munro, from whose opinions I provisionally dissent, I may be said to have no locus standi. He is an eminent and experienced archaeologist in matters of European pre-historic and proto-historic times.Any one is at liberty to say of me what another celebrated archaeologist, Mr. Charles Hercules Read, said, in a letter to Dr. Munro, on December 7, 1901, about some one else : a person designated 1Methuen, London, 1904, pp. 292. as " ," and described as "a merely literary man, who cannot understand that to practised people the antiquities are as readable as print, and a good deal more accurate."1 But though "merely literary," like Mr. " ," I have spent much time in the study of comparative anthropology ; of the manners, ideas, customs, implements, and sacred objects of uncivilised and peasant peoples. Mr. " " may not have done so, whoever he is. Again, as "practised people" often vary widely in their estimates of antique objects, or objects professing to be antique, I cannot agree with Mr. Read that "the antiquities" are " as readable as print,"?if by " antiquities " he means antiquities in general. At the British Museum I c...

The Clyde Mystery
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