The Dark Tower

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Phyllis Bottome later Mrs. Forbes-Dennis (1884-1963), was a British novelist and short story writer who wrote under her birth name, Phyllis Bottome. She was born in Rochester, Kent to an American cler


gyman, Rev. William Macdonald Bottome and Mary (Leatham) Bottome. She wrote her first novel when she was just seventeen, and had several works adapted to film. In addition to fiction she is also known as an Adlerian who wrote a biography of Alfred Adler, whom she studied psychoanalysis under while in Vienna. She married A. E. Forbes-Dennis in 1917. Her works include: The Master Hope (1904), Raw Material (1905), Broken Music (1907), The Dark Tower (1909), The Crystal Heart (1911), The Common Chord (1914), The Captive (1915), Secretly Armed (1916), A Certain Star (1917), A Servant of Reality (1919), Old Wine (1920), The Kingfisher (1922), The Derelict and Other Stories (1923), The Victim and the Worm (1923), The Perfect Wife (1924), The Depths of Prosperity (with Dorothy Thompson) (1925), The Belated Reckoning (1925), Plain Case (1928) and others.

The Dark Tower
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