The Days of Bruce Vol 1

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An extraordinary account of the most famous Scottish person in history, Robert the Bruce. A woman's viewpoint is also part of the story.From the book:THE DAYS OF BRUCE must be considered as an endeavo


r to place before the reader an interesting narrative of a period of history, in itself a romance, and one perhaps as delightful as could well have been selected. In combination with the story of Scotland's brave deliverer, it must be viewed as an illustration of female character, and descriptive of much that its Author considered excellent in woman. In the high minded Isabella of Buchan is traced the resignation of a heart wounded in its best affections, yet trustful midst accumulated misery. In Isoline may be seen the self-inflicted unhappiness of a tooconfident and self reliant nature; while in Agnes is delineated the...overwhelming of a mind too

The Days of Bruce Vol 1
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