The Devil's Garden

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William Babington Maxwell (1866-1938) was a British novelist. He was a son of novelist Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Though nearly 50 years old at the outbreak of the First World War, he was accepted as a l


ieutenant in the Royal Fusiliers and served in France until 1917. He wrote The Last Man in, a drama, produced March 14, 1910, at the Royalty Theatre, Glasgow, by the Scottish Repertory Company; and, with George Paston (i. e., Emily Morse Symonds), a farce, The Naked Truth, which was first played at Wyndham's Theatre, London, in April, 1910, and in which Charles Hawtrey played Bernard Darrell. His other works include: The Countess of Maybury (1901), The Ragged Messenger (1904), The Guarded Flame (1906), Hill Rise (1908), Mrs. Thompson (1911), In Cotton Wool (1912) and The Devil's Garden (1913).

The Devil's Garden
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