The Doers

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William John Hopkins (1863-1926) was the author of: Telephone Lines and Their Properties (1894), The Sandman (1904), The Clammer (1906), The Airship Dragon-Fly (1906), Old Harbor (1909), Meddlings of


Eve (1910), Concerning Sally (1912), The Doers (1914), Burbury Stoke (1914), The Clammer and the Submarine (1917) and She Blows! and Sparm at That! (1922). "ONCE upon a time there was a little boy who was almost five years old. And his mother used to let him wander about the garden and in the road near the house, for there weren't many horses going by, and the men who drove the horses that did go by knew the little boy and they were careful. "

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