The Dream

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This story was published for the first time more than a century ago and after its almost immediate popularity it was forgotten for some year. This edition is the first translation of The Dream during


a century and it is a great attempt to recall the wonderful plot of the novel and the talent of its author. The book is devoted to love which appears despite social disapproval and it goes further analyzing the reasons why sooner or later love will die. The main character Anglique whose family deserted him enters a new family of Hubert and Hubertine and influences their relationship and the atmosphere in their family a lot. The couple influenced her a lot as well bringing purity into the child's life. And she gets interested in the lives of saints and legends devoted to them. So she creates her dream: a world full of kindness and love. However, it turns out to be just an illusion. Later on when she wants to married, her dream gets ruined by some people who were more powerful than Hubert and Hubertine. This becomes a real trial for her, her dream and her real life.

The Dream
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