The Duc De Lauzun And the Court of Marie Antoinette

Cover of book The Duc De Lauzun And the Court of Marie Antoinette
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. The Court in 1775?The King?The Queen?The Queen's friends: the Princesse de Lamballe, Mme. Dillon, the Princesse de Gncmenee?The Royal Family. Before proceeding with our narrative it is indispensable to show in a rapid sketch who were at this time the principal personages at the French Court, and what the society was in which Lauzun now found himself. Almost all the Court of Louis XV. had disappeared ; some were dead, others had withdrawn from Court life. Many had been politely dismissed ?remercics?thanked, as the phrase was. A whole new circle now surrounds us, with which we must make acquaintance. First the King and Queen. The accession of Louis XVI. had given birth to high hopes; the future, alas ! gave them the lie. " We saw a young prince mount the throne," writes Segur, "who had already made himself known by his kindness of heart, sound judgment, and simple manners. He seemed to have no passion but thatfor doing his duty and making his subjects happy. He hated pomp, luxury, flattery and pride; it might have been said that Heaven had made this King, not for the courtiers, but for his people." This portrait is somewhat flattered. What is strictly true is that the King was kind and virtuous, irreproachably upright and full of the best intentions. But though he seemed to have all the virtues, he had none of their graces. He was not popular with the Court, and little known to his people. If only his kindness of heart is taken into account, he was an excellent man, but his kindness degenerated into weakness. He was afflicted with shyness so excessive that he could never overcome it, which sometimes gave occasion to a misapprehension of his intentions. Often, and without the slightest ill- feeling, he would go up to a gentleman, obliging him to ...

The Duc De Lauzun And the Court of Marie Antoinette
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