The Eleusinian And Bacchic Mysteries

Cover of book The Eleusinian And Bacchic Mysteries
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From the introduction: We can learn a valuable lesson in this regard from the Grecian and Roman writers, who had learned to treat the popular religious rites with mirth, but always considered the Eleu


sinian Mysteries with the deepest reverence. It is ignorance which leads to profanation. Men ridicule what they do not properly understand. Alcibiades was drunk when he ventured to touch what his countrymen deemed sacred. The undercurrent of this world is set toward one goal; and inside of human credulity—call it human weakness, if you please—is a power almost infinite, a holy faith capable of apprehending the supremest truths of all Existence. An essay by Thomas Taylor, an English translator and Neoplatonist of the eighteenth –twentieth centuries. The work is devoted to ancient initiation rituals of Eleusis and Bacchus.

The Eleusinian And Bacchic Mysteries
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