The Eulogies of Howard

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Excerpt from the book..It was my chance to be conversing with a Friend of the benevolent andindefatigable HOWARD, when our country was first afflicted with thepublic intelligence of his death. After o


ur first expression of surprizeand sorrow, we naturally fell into serious and affectionate reflectionson the gentle character and sublime pursuits of the deceased. On thesearticles we had no difference of opinion; but in the course of ourconversation a point arose, on which our sentiments were directlyopposite, though we were equally sincere and ardent in our regret andveneration for the departed Worthy, to whom it related. I happened tospeak of the public honours that, I hoped, a grateful, a generous, amagnificent Nation would render to his memory. My companion immediatelyexclaimed, "that every ostentatious memorial, to commemorate the virtuesof his friend, would be inconsistent with the meekness and simplicity ofthe man; that all, who had the happiness of knowing HOWARD, mustrecollect with what genuine modesty he had ever retired from theenthusiastic admiration of those, who had hoped to gratify his ambitionby undeserved applause; that he had really sought no reward but in theapprobation of his conscience and his GOD; that the British Nation,however eminent for genius and munificence, could not devise anyposthumous honours, or raise any monument, truly worthy of HOWARD,except in adopting and accomplishing those benevolent projects which hisphilanthropy and experience had recommended to public attention for thebenefit of mankind."Download The Eulogies of Howard Now!

The Eulogies of Howard
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