The Everlasting Whisper

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Jackson Gregory was an American author (1882- 1943). His most famous works include Under Handicap (1914), The Outlaw (1916), The Short Cut (1916), Wolf bread (1916), The Joyous Trouble Maker (1918), S


ix Feet Four (1918), Judith of Blue Lake Ranch (1919), The Bells of San Juan (1919), Man to Man (1920), Ladyfingers (1920), The Desert Valley (1921), Daughter of the Sun (1921), The Everlasting Whisper: A Tale of the California Wilderness (1922), The Wilderness Trail (1923), Timber-Wolf (1923), The Maid of the Mountain (1925), The Desert Thoroughbred (1926), Captain Cavalier (1927), Emerald Trails (1928), Redwood and Gold (1928), Sentinel of the Desert (1929), Mystery at Spanish Hacienda (1929), The Trail to Paradise (1930), The Silver Star (1931), The Island of Allure (1931), Riders Across the Border (1932), The House of the Opal (1932), The Shadow on the Mesa (1933), Red Rivals (1933), A Case for Mr Paul Savoy (1933), Ru, The Conqueror (1933), High Courage (1934) and The Emerald Murder Trap (1934).

The Everlasting Whisper
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