The Facts About Luther

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This book represents a thorough study of the life events, way of thinking and works of Martin Luther (1483-1546) who is considered to be the founder of Protestantism and is recognized as one of the mo


st influencing people in the history of mankind, aiming at eradicating misperceptions and misunderstandings of his life as it is often seen by ordinary people. Creating this book was an important and a very difficult task for Patrick O'Hare who researched the monographs of Protestant writers as well as those of Martin Luther himself. On the basis of this works the author has formed a new understanding of the life of such a controversial character as Martin Luther. It is also notable that O'Hare does not agree with scholars in many ways making clear examinations and explanations. This work is recommended for all believers who want to find out more about the life course of this famous person.

The Facts About Luther
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